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Promet S.A.

Promet S.A. is a leading Polish manufacturer of nails. As a leader in the production of nails, we provide top-quality nails used primarily in the pallet and construction industries, and simultaneously we continue to modernise our machinery stock, through the implementation of the world’s latest technologies.

We can deliver virtually all types of custom orders for the production of nails, and zinc coat them using our patented zinc thermal diffusion line.



Our area of expertise

Our nail factory is located in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in Starachowice - in the biggest metal industry centre in Poland. We have the latest and most advanced machinery for the production of nails in Poland. Our nails manufactured at the Starachowice plant are distributed to our partners and business clients from Poland and abroad.

More about our products

The Promet S.A. plant has been involved in the production of nails continuously for over 30 years. Our product range covers a wide and extensive variety of nails. In order to ensure the clarity of the presentation of our product range, we have classified our nails according to the method of their collation and their application. Feel free to find out more about our offered product range.

Classification according to the type of collation of nails

Product categories

Thermal diffusion zinc coated products

We are not only a leading nail manufacturer, but also the owner of a modern zinc thermal diffusion line. It allows us to zinc coat our nails, as well as bolts, screws, springs and many other small elements using zinc thermal diffusion on site, without the need of using the services of external contractors.

The capability of thermal diffusion zinc coating is an especially important branch of our manufacturing plant. It allows us to deliver products of the resistance even twice higher than that of hot-dip galvanized, galvanized or resin coated products.

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Ask for a free quotation

As the biggest nail manufacturer in Poland, we have adequate resources allowing us to provide fast, efficient and precise valuations of your orders. Feel free to contact us in order to receive a binding proposal of cooperation.




Here is who we are!

We are the best example that starting off as a small, family nail manufacturing company, you can not only become a major manufacturer in the Polish market, but even a nail manufacturer that is recognised in the European and global market. Feel free to read about our history and find out what makes us stand out among other nail manufacturers.


The beginnings of production of nails at Promet S.A. date back to the 1980s. It was then that, in 1986, a company called “Wire Products Company” was created. At the beginning it operated as a small nail manufacturing craft workshop.

Owing to wise management and meaningful investment, the “Wire Products Company” experienced a rapid year-to-year development, expanding its product range and increasing the number of employees. A family-based nail manufacturing company very rapidly began to transform into a leader in the production of a wide range of products.

In January 2007, the company transformed into a joint stock company and relocated its production from Wieluń to Starachowice, changing its name to Promet S.A., under which it still operates to this day.

What has remained unchanged throughout the years is the investment in personnel and new technology. As a result, in 2008 the machinery stock of Promet S.A. was supplemented with a modern zinc thermal diffusion line.

In 2010 the company started the production of collated nails (i.e. nails bound together with wire). This was in response to the needs of our clients and represented a major step in the development of the portfolio of standard range of Promet products.

In 2004 Promet S.A. became a member of the Polish National Committee of EPAL (PKN-EPAL) and remains a member of this association, which allows the company to produce ring nails for the production of EURO - EPAL pallets (commonly known as EPAL euro pallets).

In October 2012, Promet S.A. obtained CE certification (confirming the highest quality of its products) for various tyes of nails of 13 different diameters.

Over 30 years of its existence, our nail production plant continued to expand its stock of machinery, to improve its production process, delivered numerous orders for custom nails and invested in the know-how and skills of its employees. All of this in order to be capable of satisfying the quantitative and technological requirements and expectations of its clients.

In September 2020 Promet S.A. opened a new internet website, creating new possibilities for the cooperation with new foreign contractors.


We stand out among our competitors in many different ways. The most important reasons are:


A Recognisable Brand

We are present in the nail manufacturers’ market since 1986. Since that time, we have produced around a dozen billion nails of various types and we have been awarded with numerous awards for the quality of our products, as well as for our dynamic development.

Competitive prices

As a manufacturer, we offer nails at prices without intermediaries' margin. When you buy directly from us, you get the highest quality nails at the best price.

Full flexibility

We always stand in front of the customer. We are flexible both in terms of adjusting the number of nails in a skein to the client, as well as in the forms of communication. We are available both by phone and e-mail, as well as in social media and popular messengers: Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.

Transport safety

We only use packaging made of high-quality cardboard and we constantly improve the packaging system, thanks to which we improve the safety of products ordered from us during transport.

The highest quality on the market

We produce nails according to accepted norms and standards and with a guarantee of using raw materials from proven suppliers. The entire production process is subject to constant quality control. We have certificates confirming the highest quality of our products.

Modern machinery park

In addition to the modern Distek-LTT thermal diffusion galvanizing line, we also have the most modern and extensive machine park for the production of nails in Poland. What's more, we constantly improve the company's technological process by implementing new technologies, expanding and improving the machine park.

Professional technical advice

Our team consists of qualified employees who perfectly know the production process, are always available to help and are ready to act. What's more, we invest in the development of our employees, thanks to which they constantly expand their knowledge of new nail production technologies.

Benefits of Cooperation with Promet S.A.

We strive to make sure that our products always satisfy the needs of our clients. Apart from the diligent delivery of ordered products, we offer an additional package of benefits to our clients. We are a tried, tested and diligent business partner. This always obliges us to give more than 100%!

Guarantee of keeping the deadline

The set date is a sacred thing. We fulfill the production entrusted to us on time.

Comprehensive services

We have an extensive machine park and professional software, thanks to which we provide comprehensive order fulfillment.

Reducing the cost

Ordering nails from the manufacturer is a guarantee of lower costs and increased profitability.

Cooperation with professionals

We have knowledge and experience. We are a responsible and reliable business partner.

Professional advice

Our experienced team can advise you when ordering nails and other services we provide.

Guarantee of the highest quality

We are a certified manufacturer of nails, thus we ensure the highest quality of our product range.


What do our clients say?

Fast loading of products, office and warehouse personnel very positive (...)

Karol Muszynski

We made our first order for nails with Promet in 2011. Nothing has changed over the years. They still make the best and toughest nails in Poland!

Artur Kowalski

A nail producer which fulfils expectations. I can recommend them with all my heart!

Bartosz Wojsa

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