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EPAL nails (nails for pallets)

EPAL nails (pallet nails) are nails certified by the Polish National Committee of EPAL for the production of pallets, specifically for the production and repair of euro pallets.

Promet S.A., as a licensed manufacturer of EPAL nails (PL-855), produces nails for pallets in accordance with PKN EPAL standards, paying attention to appropriately mark the head of each nail and ensuring their predetermined and repeatable arrangement throughout the pallet.

EPAL nails (nails for pallets) - Specifications

Certified pallet nails are used for the production of EPAL pallets. Therefore they need to conform with specific standards, and the compliance with these standards during production guarantees the highest product quality, versatility and safety. We also produce EPAL repair nails (PL-855). The presence of such a nail (nailed into the middle support) means that the pallet has been repaired and conforms with the applicable standards. EPAL nails produced by Promet S.A. demonstrate the following technical specifications.





2,8 mm

3,4 mm

2,5 mm


40 mm

70 mm; 90 mm

55 mm





Diamond point (diamentowe)

Diamond point (diamentowe), clinch point (jednostronnie ścięte)


EM 13698-1; standard UIC 435-2


Application of EPAL nails

EPAL nails are very commonly used not only in Poland, but throughout the whole of Europe. They are used in many different fields, especially in logistics and transport. It is those sectors that most frequently make use of euro pallets, i.e. standardized pallets for transporting goods.

The unquestionable advantage of EPAL nails is their standardization. EPAL nails have to conform with global quality requirements. These are established and verified by the EPAL organization, of which Promet S.A. has been a member for many years.

Compliance with the applicable standards during transport is not only a guarantee of the safety of goods, but also of the safety of personnel. Therefore, as a responsible EPAL nail manufacturer, we are regularly subject to production process inspections carried out by PKN EPAL inspectors.

It is also worth knowing that all repaired EPAL pallets must be fitted with a repair nail for their legitimization.

Nails for EPAL pallets - quality certificates

We are proud of our ability to produce nails for EPAL pallets and of the certificates which confirm their highest quality.


Pallet nail factory - Contact

Our pallet nail factory will be happy to deliver all kinds of orders for EPAL nails. Feel free to contact us via the contact form, or by phone or e-mail.

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